Yesterday I suffered the ignominious pleasure of having my nuts removed. Ouch!

I am not a happy camper.


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I’m still around!

Dad’s been neglecting my blog horribly. Since we last spoke
– I’ve grown a bit – I’m now 11kg and almost qualify as a big dog!
– I’ve learnt to follow some instructions. Food and tasty treats always help 🙂
– I’ve figured out how to break down the baby-gate in the kitchen, so now I sleep in the bedroom with mom & dad. Until I hop onto their bed. Then they boot me out and close the door.

Dad’s working from home now too. So I get to spend more time with him and am getting (almost) daily walks around the block or on the beach.

Here’s some new pics:

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In case you doubted I was in charge…


Dad can find his own bed.

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Another fun night with Ben & Mika

Mom and me

Last night I got to spend the evening with Ben & Mika, which was lots of fun. Then I got to sleep, which was lots of fun too.

New pics at

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Kids! Why are they so energetic?

This morning I got to spend time with Daisy (3yrs), Billy (5yrs) and Kia (6yrs) the 45kg ridgeback , who had the pleasure of baby-sitting me for a morning.

Kia seemed to be afraid of me and I spent some time chasing her around the house. Then I wanted to sleep, but Daisy and Billy wouldn’t leave me alone! Where do they get all that energy from?!

So when I got home this afternoon I slept like a log. 4 hours straight.

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I’m still growing!

I hit 5kg today!

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Helping Dad Work


More pics at

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